Wednesday 8th June: The Pilgrim Statue Part 3

The Sign of the Cross

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Light Radiates from the Heart of Jesus

Your heart pumps about 100,000 times a day to keep your lifeblood flowing through you. For this reason it has become a symbol for our very selves. We say, “I put my heart into it” and “I want that with all my heart.” The heart also is a symbol for love, perhaps because it seems to beat faster when we are in love. The biblical image of the heart means the depth of our selves where we decide for or against God. God, who always speaks to us using our own experiences, has chosen our symbol of the heart to represent Jesus.

The heart of Jesus was a human heart like ours. It stopped beating the day Jesus was crucified. According to the Gospel of John, after Jesus had died a soldier made sure of his death by piercing his side with a lance. Blood and water ran out (19:34). Jesus’ pierced heart became a sign of the completeness of his love for us, a love that compelled him to die for us and that prompted him to remain with us in the Eucharist (when we celebrate Mass). The physical heart of Jesus is the symbol of the total love of Jesus, divine and human.

Jesus said that from within him would flow streams of living water (John 7:38), referring to the Holy Spirit. The water from the side of Christ on the cross was the water of salvation, the Holy Spirit.

On our Pilgrim Statue, light radiates from the heart of Jesus to show that it is a burning furnace of love.

In a moment of quiet, just think about the fact that someone love you so much that they freely went to the cross to die for you. That someone is Jesus.


Sacred Heart of our Saviour, please bless us as the new day dawns. May we grow today in Your friendship, in helpfulness to others, in gratitude for Your benefits beyond number. May Christ-like love fill our hearts, guard our thoughts, and inspire our actions. Jesus, we believe in Your love for us. We trust in You and want to remain forever in the safe haven of Your loving Heart. Amen.