Friday 11th November: Two Minute Silence

For Remembrance Day we will hold a 2 minute silence at 10.48am. The bell will ring to indicate this, and again at 10.50am for the start of break.

Here are a few resources you may like to use to lead up to the 2 minute silence and there is a prayer at the end that can be used as a good way to end the silence.

Lord God, our Heavenly Father, at this special time of remembrance we think about those of the past who gave their lives serving our Country in two World Wars. We also remember those who have lost their lives in other war torn areas of the World over the years.

We pray for those who have been maimed during wars, and now have to adjust to new and sometimes difficult ways of life. We ask that You will be near them in times of difficulty and pain.

At this time we pray for the families of Service men and women who cope at home while their loved ones are involved in war in other parts of the World.
We pray that people will show love and respect for one another and learn to live in peace.

We pray too that Your Kingdom may come here on earth, and through the Power of Your Holy Spirit our prayers will be granted in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.