Thursday 5th January: Following Which Star?

The theme of this school week is: Epiphany.

The Sign of the Cross

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



TV, magazines, the internet can all offer us a multitude of stars to follow. We can follow them on Twitter and keep up to date with many aspects of their lives, some times very personal aspects. Who we chose to follow can influence our lives, it can form our thinking, and we can try to copy the habits and styles of the celebrity stars.

The wise men chose to follow a very different star. In fact one of the reasons we call them the wise men is because of their decision to follow that star. The star was a sign from God that would lead them to Jesus. They stepped out in faith on a long journey to a foreign land because they recognised the sign was from God.

To recognise God’s signs we need to connect to him, to tune into his way of communicating. God’s way of communicating can be very different from what the media offers us as communication. Perhaps we can take a moment of silence to see if we can tune into God’s way of communicating with us; very often through the still, small voice in our hearts.


Father, help us to hear your voice. Help us to know that by following you, seeking your signs and your voice, we will be lead to Jesus. And while we might not have much to give him as a gift, he has plenty that he wishes to give us.