Monday 3rd July: Challenge

The theme of this school week is: Challenge

The Sign of the Cross

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


On the 4th July an American spacecraft called ‘Path- finder’ landed on the planet Mars in 1997. The unmanned spacecraft was designed to bounce on landing. The craft later released a moving vehicle the size of a skate- board. It analysed the soil and atmosphere and then automatically transmitted the results back to Earth, by radio signals.


Nearly a century earlier, in 1908, the astronomer Percival Lowell announced that he had discovered canals on Mars. He said they were red and seemed to move. We realise now that there are no canals on Mars. The great astronomer actually had a rare eye disease – now known as Lowell’s Syndrome – which made him see the red veins in his own eyes.


Lowell was so famous and such an expert in astronomy that no-one dared to contradict him. Older school atlases still show detailed maps that Lowell charted of his supposed “canals” on Mars.

Spend a moment in quiet and ask God to show you the things in your life that you may not have seen correctly. It could be certain attitudes we have had or judgements we have made about those around us. Ask Him to help you with the challenge it can be to see those around us as He sees them.


God our Father,

I can think of mistakes I have made and the attitude
that I have sometimes had.
May I not become so independent that I think I know it all
and no longer need others,
but may I always
have true friends around me
who are willing
to point me in the right direction.
May I be ready to apologise
when things go wrong,
and be ready to learn
from my mistakes,
finding humour in my situation and having the ability and good sense to laugh at myself.
May I grow in wisdom each day.