Exam Results 2017: Improvements

St Joseph’s is pleased to note today that the overall progress score (known as Progress 8) released yesterday shows a significant improvement on the previous year.

We have moved from -0.51 to -0.21 on our GCSE scores overall.

This measure shows the distance travelled from Year 6 to GCSE against the national picture.
We are slightly behind the national average which is 0 but we are closing the gap very quickly.
With the pace we have shown this year, we are predicting to be well above 0 next year.
Our English and Maths scores at the higher grades were below the national.
The class of 2017 were only 92 in number and arrived with significantly low scores in their SATs. Only 25 students were described as ‘higher ability’.
This is much lower than the national picture and is reflected in our outcomes.
The number of students who English 9-4 at 72.8% and maths 9-4 at 65.2% were comparable to the national.

So we would like to thank all of Year 11, their parents and our wonderful staff and wish our students well in their next steps.