Entry to school from Monday 30th October

From 30th October, Reception will only be open to visitors and staff.
We have a new entrance to school via new yard where the old Sports Hall has been demolished.
The gates to the new yard will be open for students to enter school through the Technology door.
The normal pedestrian gate that visitors use off Harrington Road will be open, but students will not be able to go through Reception – instead students can cross the yard with the curved seating and enter through the locker door. Alternatively, from the Harrington Road gate, students can turn right to go through the new yard and enter through the Technology door.
The Church gate will be open to allow students to enter the grounds and come into the front yard with the curved seating and through the locker door.
Cyclists will be able to use the store by art but not at the front of school.  They can bring their bikes through the new entrance. Pupils should wheel them in from the gate.