The Mock court trials awaits us!

Upcoming competition -Wednesday  7th March 2018.

The Mock Trial Competitions provide a unique opportunity to introduce students to the criminal justice system through an immersive, active learning experience.

The Mock Trials take the students out of the classroom and into court, where they will be presented with written cases based on real trials. Students will assume the various roles involved in a criminal trial, from clerks and advocates to ushers and jurors and will then compete against other schools.

The Mock Trials are performed before real judges who critique students performances and their understanding of the judiciary process. After several rounds, a school from each event is crowned either the regional or national winner.

All three competitions rely on the generosity of judges, magistrates, barristers, advocates and other legal professionals who volunteer their expertise.

Please can we praise the following Year 8 and 9 pupils for their selection and wish them good luck as they prepare for the competition:

Year 8 pupils:
Jessica Haile
Amelie Edgar
Caysie Ray
Lauren Moore
Caitlen Parker
Cassie Hunter
Jude Nicholson

Year 9 pupils:
Alexis Bedford
Scott Hill
Eva Mason
Natalie Mein
Adam Kirkbride
Nadia Penn
Olivia Kornakova
Kasper Jedzejewski