The Wordsworth Trust

The Wordsworth Trust is an independent charity. It celebrates the life of William Wordsworth. The Wordsworth Trust looks after Dove Cottage in the Lake District village of Grasmere where Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy lived between 1799 and 1808.
The Wordsworth trust paid for two schools, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Primary School and St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Secondary School, to have two poets come in and teach us about poetry and William Wordsworth. They also funded two trips to Dove Cottage where we got to look around the house and take part in more poetry sessions.

In our poetry sessions we were taught mainly about language and senses and how to use them with our own life experience to make a very detailed and close to home poems.

Also, in our poetry sessions we were taught how to keep our pens on paper and what ever we thought in our heads (no matter if it didn’t make sense or was not spelt right) to write it down into our poems. Although, we only had a short time with Clare Shaw she impacted our poetry and writing skills and our way to think about creative writing.

Here are some examples of what other people thought our sessions:

Caitlan Magean – “I have learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to and I have learnt that I can write poetry.”

Megan Lavery- “Creativity flows: it doesn’t matter how you interpret it.”

Daniel Cunningham- “We have learnt a lot and experienced so much with different poets like Wordsworth, and techniques to make our work stronger.”
On Friday 23rd March, the students from both school came together for a celebration event in Banklands Hall. Some students read their poetry out and the Wordsworth Trust produced an anthology of our best poems which were distributed at the end.
Overall, we were all really glad that we had had the opportunity to take part in this project.

Feedback from the poets (PDF)
Poems in the anthology (PDF)