Paired Reading to Comprehension Skills

Paired reading and comprehension are central to learning; students appreciate these fundamental needs and are happy to commit time, energy and effort in order to improve.

To show this enthusiasm the students at St Joseph’s school meet regularly to pair and mentor their tutees in order to help them develop their reading ability.

This dedication and commitment represents the quality of the student and celebrates their sense of responsibility to one another.

For the tutees this offers huge opportunities. Not only is it transformational; ensuring that they can make quick progress as they fill out their reading logs and have meaningful discussions with their elder peers, it builds their confidence, self-esteem and belief. All distinctive qualities!

Well done tutees and mentors for your selection. Reading skills make a huge impact and difference to individual lives.

Many thanks to Mrs Wylie and the staff at St Joseph’s school who are contributing to promote the scheme to our pupils.

Miss Mason

Most able coordinator.