Hannah’s Head shave

On Thurs 24 May Hannah Kurzyk O’Donnell from Year 10 took a very brave step and had all her hair shaved off for charity.
Here is a snippet of why she did it from her fundraising page.
“Ever since I was little, me and my mum had a joke that if we had a penny for every time someone commented on my golden hair we would be millionaires.
So I decided I would shave my head to give an amazingly brave little princess the chance to get the compliments I had. My head will be shaved and then sent to the ‘Little Princess Trust’ to make a wig for a beautiful little girl.
I also thought I would take this opportunity to use my hair to raise some money for the ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’. All money donated will be given to this charity for some extremely deserving teens.”
At time of publishing Hannah has raised £4640 with some more promised donations yet to come in. This is a fantastic amount – well done Hannah.
Teenage Cancer Trust sent their volunteer Natalie to support Hannah on the day, this is what Natalie had to say:
“What an absolute honour to meet Hannah and all of her lovely friends, family and teachers at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Workington today. Hundreds turned out to cheer Hannah, from Year 10, on as she had her head shaved to raise money to help young people with cancer. Even before the collection buckets were passed around today she had raised more than £4,000 – what a TOTAL LEGEND!!! Thank you so much, and to Gill and Joanna from Short Kutz in Harrington who wielded the clippers.”
A final word from Hannah:
“Thank you so much to everyone who had supported me. I was really worried about how many people would turn up but I was overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness, generosity and support.  The collection bucket on the day raised over £200 from St Joseph’s staff and pupils.  I am still getting used to the new hairstyle and as everyone keeps telling me ‘It’ll grow back fast’ … but for the moment I am enjoying the short hair – especially with this great weather we are having over half term! I’ve smashed my target (which I kept having to raise) … now it would be great to smash £5000… and that will be half a million pennies!”
Anyone who would like to still donate can do so on this link: