The Way of the Week: He’s Here!

Imagine what it was like the first time you held your son or daughter (or your baby brother or sister!). How small they were, how perfect they were, how incredibly amazing it was to see him or her for the first time. Now put yourself in Mary and Joseph’s shoes, except this time that small, tiny infant is also God.
Why would God become such a helpless infant? Why would He become man at all?
As we continue to prepare for Christmas, this week are reflecting on how God became man in order to save us by reconciling us with Himself. He became man so that we might know the love of God, and love Him in return.

God can work wonders in our life but it is up to us to accept Him in our lives, just like Mary did. He has great things in store for us and our families if we but let Him in and let him work!