Scholars Programme- Graduation Ceremony.

Our year 9 and 10 students celebrated success on the evening of 12th February at Rheged, Penrith after graduating from an intense university programme:

Eve Graham, Olivia Hazel, Bethany Cross Nuria Tunstall , Esme Ashbrooke, Holly Scott, Caysie Ray, Jack Dolan, Kazandra Palmer, Amelia Charters, Lucy Thompson all graduated from the programme.

Kazandra Palmer (year 10) was asked to be a guest speaker at the event.

Students received a diploma in their designated research topic which was marked by Lancaster university. University grades were given and four students passed with a First- the highest mark that can be received.

The keynote speaker for the ceremony added-
‘St Joseph’s Catholic high school should be commended for their success with such a large cohort graduating’

The programme allowed students the opportunity to instil resilience and plan for their futures.

All students were thrilled to take part in the ceremony. Lecturers and parents attended the event and praised all involved.

I am extremely proud of them!
What a wonderful achievement at such a young age.

Miss Mason