Creative Day – Recap of the Day

Hello everybody, and welcome to our blog about St Joseph’s Creative Day. The day is focussing on the theme “reuse, reduce, recycle”, we feel this is a very important theme as we need to be more aware of the impact we as human beings are having on the environment.

We are a group of photography students who are working with Miss Rodney to write our very first blog and to photograph and document the events happening throughout the day. We are also using the school’s social media accounts to get our ideas out there and to show everyone what we have been doing as a school.

In creative day photography, we walked around school and took some photographs of people doing different activities. First of all, we went up to Banklands where the students were conducting a dance routine, one student said, “I really enjoy doing dancing”. As you can see in the photos, they are all having a very fun time and are cooperating and using team work to create a piece of art.

Secondly, we went to Mr Gabagugas room where the year 7 students were doing some colouring. Then, we went to drama where the pupils were performing a piece about losing something.
In Geography the students were washing out plastic bottles in order to create a bottle man, holding up a world in a tired position. They are using bottles which have been deposited around school or left with Mr Burkinshaw over the last few weeks. We are hoping this will highlight the amount of plastic waste we create in school.

These animal tessellation patterns were created over the course of Creative Day in the style of Escher! in the Maths department:

In art the pupils are getting shoes and placing them into plaster with metal filings and rusted metal, by doing this, this will create a pattern onto the shoes.
In music the students were working on song writing and composure, these are based around nature to link in with the theme of the day.
History is making armour and historical clothes and RE students are doing drama and dance to reflect.
In the main hall students are taking part in a cheerleading workshop and PE were hosting lots of team building activities.

At break time it was wonderful to have Logan and Katie performing in the foyer, and the ice cream van was a very welcome treat to students and staff at lunch time. Many staff also went down to the catering department where the students had been making meals from food provided by Asda which was nearing its use by date and would often be disposed of. A vast menu was made to meet all taste preferences and this gave an insight in to how much food is wasted that could be used to make delicious meals.

Overall it has been a very fun and inspiring day for all pupils. Some final accounts of the day are given below by some of the photography students:

One student said- “Today I had teambuilding in the sports hall period 1, period 2 I had model creatures in room 27, period 3 I had reflection in Banklands with Mr Hornak then from period 4-6 I had photography. In team building I had to be in the P.E sports hall and help each other do different activates as a team. In model creatures we had to colour in some animals and make tessellations out of them. Then in reflection we had to draw and colour in whilst listening to music. In photography we had to take photographs of places around school and develop them and write about them.
One thing I really enjoyed about today was the teambuilding exercise because it really got you moving and enjoying the lifestyle around you plus helping others also.
Some of my photography pictures were of: year 7, 8, 10 doing some spray paint on the year 7 yard of a massive eye. My second picture of photography was in English when some year 7’s were playing with a tennis ball and teaching some people how to catch the tennis ball.”

Another student said- “In one lesson we had escape room, this was based on climate change and we had to find a combination for a box and if you win you would get sweets but you had to go to five different posters and try figure it out.”

A third photography student gave this account- For my first lesson I was up at room 27 in Maths for model creatures. In that room I was making a seal out of paper nets by folding tabs and sticking them together, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to stay there for lesson 2 as well instead of going to Banklands for reflection. Even though I was allowed to stay to finish it, I sadly didn’t have enough time to finish it. For my third lesson I was in room 8 at science for an escape room. We had to answer questions about climate change to find out the code to unlock a box to get the sweets inside. Once someone had figured out the code we just watched a video about plastic for the last 20 minutes. There are other things going on around school such as, an eye is being painted on a wall using spray paint, Mr Burkinshaw is creating an atlas out of plastic bottles, dancing is happening in Banklands hall and so much more that I didn’t get to see.”

A final student wrote this summary of their day- Today I started off in the DT room to do a bit of art for 3 lessons. Then for my 4-6th lessons I went in ICT to do a bit of photography.
Some people were involved in different lessons and spent the whole day doing that lesson and some people were involved in a carousel of activities.
Lots of students really enjoyed their lessons and thought they were fun.
In art we done layering, colouring with felt tips and smudged them with water on tracing paper and then we put it on acetate. Then we done layering but with acetate, flowers and old pieces of paper.
In the third lesson we got our photo took and printed off and put tracing paper over the top of it and traced our self and added designs on our face.
In the fourth lesson we went out and took photos on all the lessons that took place in school. We then went over to the art room and uploaded our photos that took and started to edit them.
The pictures I took were year 7 ,8 and 10 doing some spray painting of an eye on the year 7 yard. I also photographed year 7s in the hall up at Banklands doing a dance about recycling.”