Stop Motion Animation Workshop

Students took a look at the highly creative and detailed world of stop motion animation! After watching a behind-the-scenes documentary of the award winning “Shaun the Sheep” animated film, students storyboarded their own animations, considering their animation storyline, characters, resources and timing. Students installed a free smartphone app, “Stop Motion Studio”, onto their own devices and mounted them on tripods specifically designed to hold smartphones. A short app-introduction later, they rushed off to create their own action-packed animations!

*Playback using Internet Explorer browser

Victory Royale by McCauley McGuinness, Jamie Hodgson & Aidan Thompson.

Super Hero Fight by Chris Ridgway & Rowan Thompson.

Sploosh by Grace Wilson.

Lightning Destruction by Maddox Sharp & Daniel Cunningham.

Iron Man by Jack greenhalgh & Gowan Monkhouse.

Football Match by Callum Wallace & Elijah Chalue.

Caterpillar by Grace Wilson.