Student Leaders

We are proud to introduce our newly elected student leaders, who are #Loving their new role within school. They are here to serve the student body and support our strive for excellence. They will be ensuring we are #Living out our mission statement with pride. Keep your eye’s peeled for upcoming news of what these leaders have been getting up to.

Our student leaders are-

Year 7
Tyler Dobinson, Graydon Farrel, Oliver Walker, Ava Johnston, Blake Daniel

Year 8
Noah Rule, Callum Black, Lexie McDonald, Harry Adams, Lily Murray

Year 9
Joshua Murphy, Ruby Quayle, Evie Dixon, Luke Goldwater, Tia Ramsay

Year 10
Lewis Henstone Sewell, Apphia Shepherd, Rosie Hodgson, Nathaniel Riach, Caleb Todd

Year 11
Mellisa Pinock, Charley Mandale, Norman Harvey, Aidan Bragg, Nathan Mousey, Braelyn Smith

Teachers Pick
Will Christian
Ellie English
Caysie Ray
Cain Pears
Liam Atkinson
Rachel McKeating
Mitchell Ward