Return to School 1

The dates of the return to school.

As we work through the latest guidelines, I will post messages with information that you will want to know.

Today I can confirm the following:

We will be back full time in September. All students will have access to their full timetable. More details about hygiene, equipment,  breaks, breakfast club, lunch,  movement and safety in the building will follow.

Information about tutor groups and how and when timetables will be available will be in my next post.


Year 7 and Year 11 will begin on Wednesday 2 September.

Site will open at 8.30.

Year 7 may come onto the front yard from 8.30. School starts at 8.50 for Year 7 only.

Year 7 will be guided as to what to do when the bell goes. They will be with their tutor for the first part of the day.

Year 11 come onto the front yard from 9.50. Line up is at 10.00.

Lessons will start after break.


Thursday 3 September

Site will open at 8.30. School starts at 8.50. Be in the yard by the 8.47 bell.

Year 7 will come onto Lawson’s yard. They will be shown where this is on Wednesday 2 Sept.

Year 8 will come on the front yard.

Year 9 will come onto the yard next to Technology. The gate on Harrington Rd will be open.

Year 10 will come onto the astro-turf.

Year 11 will go straight through to the Dining Room.

On the 8.47 bell Year 11 will go to tutor. All others will lined up in tutor groups ready for tutor time.