Summer School Session

St Joseph’s will be running a series of English and Maths Summer School Sessions that are bookable through Head of year. Please see the email link below:

The sessions will run from 9:30 till 12:00. All the sessions will be streamed live on MS Teams and will be recorded and made available for all Year 10 students. The sessions will start with a taught lesson and finish with a Question and Answer sessions.


Wednesday 22nd July – Maths

Please join us for a session covering some vital aspects of maths. All the topics are suitable for students on both the Higher and Foundation Courses:

  • Fractions – adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing (algebraic fractions)
  • Standard Form – writing numbers in standard form, ordinary form
  • Algebraic manipulation – simplifying, expanding brackets, factorising
  • Ratio – Simplifying, sharing
  • Statistics – frequency polygons, estimated mean

Wednesday 29th July – English Language

Please join us for a session covering some vital aspects of the English Language course. Looking at themes in An Inspector Calls and Priestley’s intentions- higher level thinking with a focus on A03.

Wednesday 19th August – General

Please join us for a morning of SENECA. We will be spending 30 minutes on each of the following:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • RE
  • History/Geography
  • French/Spanish

Please bring your phones or alternative device.