Breakfast Club

We are now taking bookings for Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club opens at 8.15 in the canteen each day, from Wednesday 3rd September for pre booked students.

Our site opens at 8.00am. Students can arrive from then but not access the building.  The bell goes at 8.47am. Staff supervision on yards begins at  8.30, although in the first week, staff will be very early to ensure students know where to go.

Please note that Breakfast Club is a mixed year group provision, but year groups will be on different tables.

Our maximum number is 60.

Parents can book for all week or just certain days. It is free. We ask that students purchase something from the selection on offer.  Payment for Year 7’s items will be taken off once their accounts are active.

Breakfast Club students must stay in the canteen until 8.30 when they are free to join their friends on the yard or they can stay in the canteen until the 8.47 bell.

To book a place, please give name and year group and day to Mrs Hilland on We will confirm your place via email.

Breakfast Club will operate from Wednesday 3rd September. To make it easier for our new students, on the first day, students will access the Breakfast Club from Reception.