Message from Miss Kennedy

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience whilst we formulated on our policy on face coverings.

  • Although we have a one way movement policy, we have decided it will be safer if students wear masks for movement between lessons. This will not be required if students are  going straight outside on their way to their next class. (Our one way system does take students outside, giving students a chance for fresh air and a few minutes break between classes. Students can have a snack between lessons also.)
  • Masks are not required outside but will need to be worn as students re-enter the building.
  • Once seated in the next classroom, students may remove their masks.
  • Masks must be sensible. We would prefer masks that don’t have faces on them, for example.
  • We know that students might forget sometimes. If this happens, we will just remind them.
  • Staff will also wear masks when moving at lesson change-over.

We do understand that there will be some students who will be exempt from wearing masks. That is fine. Parents just need to let us know.

Parents should contact the relevant Head of Year and let us know if you wish your student to be exempted. Just give us your child’s name.

Year 7: Mrs Eldon:
Year 8 and Year 9: Mr Stuart:
Year 10 Mrs Hodgson:
Year 11 Ms Donaldson:

Looking forward to seeing your children next week. Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Kennedy