Daily Messages September 2020

I am writing my daily message early today to clarify what to do if your child is being tested for COVID.
Our Attendance Officer Mrs Cross Laura.Cross@sjchs.uk and our Pastoral Admin Assistant Mrs Reynolds Paula.Reynolds@sjchs.uk are in contact with the parents of students who are absent.
I would like to thank all our parents for keeping us up to date with the reasons for absence. Remember that we fully support you when you have to make the decisions not to send your child in.
If a positive result of a test comes in, I will let parents know. We will email parents and use our social media.
If the result comes in in the evening, we will still send out the messages, but there might be a slight delay as we will be doing this from home.
We will respond to you as fast as we can.
If you book a test, please keep us updated with whatever the outcome. My email is Jacky.kennedy@sjchs.uk, Mr Nevitt is Ian.Nevitt@sjchs.uk or use Mrs Cross’ email above. We all check our emails in the evening.
When I write that we have no confirmed cases in our school community, I mean amongst our staff and our students, but if there is, we will let you know as soon as we can.
Today, as I write this, there are none.
Best wishes and stay safe,

I hope you are all well.
We have been reminding students about wearing masks in corridors. If you wish your son or daughter not to wear a face covering, please email our Heads of Year.
Mary.Eldon@sjchs.uk Year 7
Todd.Stuart@sjchs.uk Years 8 and 9
Kate.Hodgson@sjchs.uk Year 10
Holly.Donaldson@sjchs.uk Year 11
Please ensure that students have a bottle of water. It has been really warm in school this week.
We have been showing students around from primary schools this week and last week, so I have been in lots of lessons.
Our students and teachers are working very well. I know we have been focussed on safety, but we are also focussing on learning, too. The students seem to be making a real effort to get back to learning.
Year 7 were allowed to play on the asto-turf at lunchtime today because there were no classes using the space. There was a very big football match with boys and girls playing really well together in the sunshine.
If Year 7 students want to play on the astro-turf at lunchtime, they will need their trainers which they can carry in their bags. We will provide the football! (This can only happen if there is no lesson taking place.)
There are no confirmed cases of COVID in our school.

It is Roald Dahl Day today and a number of staff have dressed up to celebrate his writing and to make us smile. Look out for the photos on our social media!
We have had a number of parents ringing this morning about their child’s symptoms asking what advice we would give.
I know it is a nightmare to book a test. We know lots of colds are going around. We cannot advise you if the symptoms you describe to us are a common cold or COVID related.
(High Temperature, loss of taste or smell, continuous cough.)
I would advise you to use your parental instinct as you know your child best.
If you son or daughter has COVID symptoms, my advice is to use NHS 111 online.
Not everyone who has a cold needs to get tested. And students who have had a cold can return to school.
Distinguishing between colds and COVID is difficult, so if in doubt try and get advice from NHS 111 online.
We will support you in whatever you choose to do. We know students will have absence in this difficult time and we will be alerted if there is a positive test.
You must put your families first at all times and we will support you when you do.
We have not had any confirmation of any positive tests related to our school community.


Our first full week at school has gone very well.
We were all nervous about coming back to school, but it has been good to be back.
Students are following all our guidelines very well.
Photo Day on Monday. I have sent a text to remind you.
We have not got any confirmed cases of Covid connected to our school.
We have a new section of our website for Year 6 and Year 5 students. More videos will be there next week showing off our school.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Our Year 7 video is going live today so please look out for it on our website and social media.
Thank you to all our students who took part.
There is another video in the making – a virtual tour of school. We received a request for a Year 8 video which we are planning to do.
The extra lessons for Year 11 at the end of the day are going well. All Year 11 students have the opportunity to go to their option subject and Science and RE at the end of the day for extra tuition.
One of the changes we have this year is whole Class Reading in Years 7 to 9 every morning. We will publish the list of books that we are using very shortly so parents can see what types of books we are covering.
Our Achievement Point lists go up on Friday. There are currently 6,022 achievement points across the school which is an excellent start. I am looking forward to seeing who is leading each year group.
School Photo Day , Monday 14th September.
We do not know of any confirmed cases of Covid connected to our school.
I hope everyone is well,
Miss Kennedy

We have made a video of Year 7s first days and I have posted the link and a password on email to all Year 7 parents.

Year 7 parents, please check your emails. There is a short message from me and the video. It was lovely to go around and capture Year 7 in their lessons and in moving around the school.

Reminder that it is photo day on Monday 14th.

We are hearing about other schools and Covid around the country.

For that reason, I will continue to send messages each day. It is best you hear from us what is happening, rather than relying on other means.
I am showing around Year 6 parents and students each day. My time is booking up quickly, so if you know of anyone who wants a tour, please get them to book in.
Mrs Gaffney will arrange the tours: 01900 873290.

School Photo Day is next Monday 14th September. We take photos every year so that our school database is up to date.
Photos will be available to purchase. If your child has PE on Monday, and you would rather they were in their uniform for the photo, it might be best to pop a shirt and tie in their bags that they can slip them on before the photo.
If you don’t mind the photo being of PE kit and blazer, that is fine. We will send a text on Friday to remind you.
All students have been informed about our building plans which start next week. Firstly, we are installing canopies on three of our yards.
Our post-Covid plan is for students to have as much fresh air as possible. The canopies will allow student to be outside if it is raining.
Secondly, we are about to spend a lot of money building a Creative Media classroom for media and photography lessons. We have good results in all our GCSE subjects but feel that our creative subjects need improved facilities, These projects will be finished by half term.
I will keep you posted as to how they are progressing.
We have no known confirmed infections connected to our school.

We are really pleased with the attendance and behaviour of our students last week. There were 2016 achievement points in the three days of last week. This is an excellent start. We have good attitudes and behaviour normally, but considering all the new arrangements we have, we are very satisfied that the students are adapting well.
We do think it is important that students move around during the day and get some fresh air, so getting the one way system right has been important. We have made some small changes after some student feedback and we are happy that it is working well.
I know some parents of Year 6 are following us on our Facebook Page / Instagram. In place of the Open Evening for Year 6, we are showing parents and students around during the day or after school. I am very proud to show our school off during the day but tours can be accommodated either way. Please book a tour if you are interested.
Year 7 will be scheduled a special lesson in an IT room on Teams and Classcharts next week to ensure everyone knows how to log in.
Individual School photos will be taken on Monday 14th September for all students. These will be available to purchase. More details to follow.
I hope that you are all well. We have no confirmed cases for anyone in school or connected to our school.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I will continue my daily bulletins next week.
Year 7 are currently in mixed ability groupings until we have the results of our CATs tests.
These are verbal (reading) and non-verbal (matching patterns) tests that indicate a students’ ability.
The results will help us re-organise groupings after half term. The tests will take place next week.
I have explained that there is nothing to worry about and no preparation to do.
We have a mixed year group socially distanced Homework Club in the Library which is open from:
Monday: 2.45 – 5.00
Tuesday: 2.45 – 3.30
Wednesday: 2.45 – 5.00
Thursday: 2.45 – 5.00
Friday: 2.45 – 3.30
Year 11 will get priority access to the 4 desktops and the adjacent study table. Laptops will be available to other students if required.
There is no need for students to book in advance.
Homework is set on Classcharts. Please ensure everyone has a login.
There are no reports of any infections associated with school.


In the last days before lockdown I gave a daily message and I will continue to do this in the first few days of this term. We all need reassurance that school is working well and that students and staff safety is our priority.
It has been good to see the whole school together again and I am pleased that students have followed the new systems well today.
Year 7 are finding their way around very well and everyone is getting used to the one way system. Our students have been excellent.
Classcharts logins have been given to all Year 7 students and they have the logins for parents, too.
Thank you for all your support in getting us to this point.
We are not aware of any infections connected to our school.