BEBRAS Competition 2021

For the first time this year, all students from Year 7 up to Year 10 took part in the worldwide BEBRAS competition organised by Oxford University and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. 

Last year 2.5 million students from 56 countries took part in the annual Bebras Challenge, including nearly a quarter of a million from the UK. 

What is it about? 

The Bebras Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students in a fun series of puzzles. Computing is all about problem solving and computational thinking and the students got a chance to try their hand at solving interesting problems online under timed conditions. 

For example, a challenging problem for 16 to 18-year-olds could be based on recursion and fractals or coming up with logic rules for setting up a sensor for a farm for irrigation.  

Winning joint prizes for Best in School were Year 10s Danny Cuthell and Daniel Fletcher who are studying GCSE Computer Science, followed closely by William Light. 

An impressive 8 amazing students managed to get a Gold award which means they were in the top 10% of the UK. This also means they were invited to participate in the very prestigious Oxford University Computing Challenge, which takes place in February 2022.  They were Daniel Fletcher, Daniel Cuthell, William Light, Olivia Reynolds, Rebecca Cuthell, Parker Ward, Chloe Habicher and Jenson Tinkler. 

The top 25% participants in our school also received Distinction certificates and the top 50% got Merit certificates. 

I am sure you will all join me in congratulating all the students who took part and wishing the 8 students who got into the Oxford University Computing Challenge good luck!  

Mrs Roberts, Computing Department