Accelerated Reading

Accelerated Reader is a computerised reading management program used as a supplement to the National Curriculum; you may already be knowledgeable about Accelerated Reader as many Primary Schools in the area have adopted the same program.

The aim of the individualised program is to develop confidence through reading practice and encourage a lifelong love for reading.  It has been specifically designed to improve reading ability, enhance critical thinking and dramatically improve reading comprehension skills.

The Accelerated Reader Program is now in its second year at St Joseph’s, being used by the Library and English Department to help teachers manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice in Years 7 and 8.

How does it work?

  • Your child takes a STAR reading test in school to determine their book level.
  • Your child picks a book at his/her reading level at break/lunch time in the school library.
  • When finished your child takes a short AR quiz on the computer in school time.
  • Passing the quiz is an indication that your child has understood what has been read. AR gives both children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results which the teacher then uses to help the child set targets and ongoing reading practice.

How can I help my child to become a better reader?

As with anything, performance improves with practice. Encourage your child to read at home. Create a culture of reading in your household by setting up a home library, read with your child and visit your local library and bookshop on a regular basis. When reading with your child stop and ask questions to be sure your child comprehends what they have read.

The importance of reading cannot be overstated; it really will help your child’s performance in all curriculum areas. We would like to ask for your assistance in ensuring your son/daughter reads daily at home for at least 15 minutes to supplement their independent reading time as this will help them to make better progress in school.

How will I know if a book has an AR quiz?

There are over 160,000 available books with AR quizzes. You can visit AR BookFinder at to conduct a search of all available books with AR quizzes. By conducting an advanced search, you can generate book lists that contain titles based on the criteria you enter such as book level, topic, interest level, fiction/nonfiction, etc.

If you have any questions about the program, would like feedback on your child’s independent reading practice or would like a personalised list of books that fit your son’s/daughter’s reading level, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Keevil on 01900 873290 or email