Maths – Additional Provision

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At St. Josephs, we believe every child should have full access to the mathematics curriculum, regardless of their ability.

We provide learning resources and activities for all pupils;


The Mathematics department work very closely with the Learning Support department and have several dedicated members of Learning Support who work with us.

At Key Stage 3 we have 2 Higher Level Teaching Assistants who run Maths Catch-up sessions on a weekly basis for pupils who would benefit from help to secure a standardised score of 100 in the Key Stage 2 assessments.

We have purchased a resource called Numicom …


“Numicon is a curriculum proof, multi-sensory approach, built on a proven pedagogy that raises achievement across all ability levels.”

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At Key Stage 4 we prepare students who are unable access the GCSE curriculum for the Entry Level certificate.

Entry Level Certificate

Pupils who are not able to access the full GCSE course are offered the opportunity to complete the Entry Level Certificate course. This is comprised of completing a portfolio of work across the two years and 4 short written assessments – but only when the pupil is ready,

There are 3 levels (1,2,3), pupils will be entered for their appropriate level but do not have to complete the level below if starting at level 2 or 3

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More Able

Students who are identified as more able are those who have a KS4 target of 8/9.

More able students are given tasks which will stretch them and develop their mathematical reasoning within the main programme of study.

There is provision in the department to allow participation in Edgehill and Merseyside Maths Events, when they are running.

More able students participate in UKMT individual and team challenges.
At GCSE more able students are also given the opportunity to study Further Maths and are invited to attend Maths Masterclasses at Lancaster University.

In Key Stage 4 pupils have engaged in

UKMT Maths circle (click here for details)
Focused 8/9 revision
Opportunity to study an extra GCSE in Maths: Further Mathematics Level 2 (click here for further details)

Pupil Premium

Pupil premium pupils receive additional:

  • Free revision guide
  • Focused revision sessions after school
  • In class support.


    • The Mathematics department consists of 4 full time staff, 2 part time staff and two HLTAs
    • Miss Kerri Basso: Head of Department
    • Mrs Anna Hornakova (HLTA)
    • Mrs Victoria Hughes (Maths teacher)
    • Mr John Kinsella (Assistant Head teacher)
    • Mrs Jennifer Kurzyk (Maths teacher)
    • Mrs Leoni Shields (Maths Teacher)
    • Mrs Julie Skidmore (Maths Teacher)
    • Mrs Vicky Smart (HLTA)

Any member of the maths department can be contacted by phoning the school reception
or email

If you put the name of the teacher in the subject line the office staff will forward to the relevant member of staff.