Art Department – G.C.S.E.

Key Stage 4  


We are following the AQA ART ANDESIGN UNENDORSED (3201) syllabus.

The course consists of 60% coursework and 40% exam.


The students are given starting points then will be guided through the projects with a series of workshops and Artists introductions. All students are expected to work independently and the majority use the after school studio sessions as an opportunity to improve their work and grade.

Digital galleries of previous work is displayed on the department website.


All students have to use two or more areas of study as specified below. Painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, graphics, printmaking, photography, textiles, graphics, digital art and Sculpture.

They are required to enter at least two coursework projects for their examination.


At the end of the two years the students exhibit all the work in their end of year show.


After Christmas in year 11 the students start preparation for their GCSE exam. Until that point all classwork and homework completed is used as coursework.


Time Allocation

All students get 3, 50 minute lessons a week, one double and one single and are encouraged to attend lunchtime and after school sessions.