Art Department – Year 7

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During year 7 pupils are introduced to the basics of art including: paint, colour mixing, drawing skills, texture, pattern, form and tone. They will have the opportunity of experiencing numerous techniques and materials.

Pupils are grounded in the four assessment objectives which underpin KS3 learning; these are Explore, Understand, Develop and Create.

Observational Drawing is the basis for the initial project. Early assessment is made of pupils abilities through a Portraiture study and then their skills are developed through exploration of Portrait proportion, tone and skin colour mixing techniques to develop a realistic portrait. Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ is studied alongside realism to understand alternative interpretations of Portraiture.

Pattern and Texture is the theme of the second project which is developed through clay and printmaking outcomes. Pupils are encouraged to explore the potential for tactile surfaces and expressive marks. Ceramicist Heather Knight is studied and starting points include sealife themes.

Throughout the year pupils are introduced to artists. Pupils are encouraged to express their opinion’s about this artwork and use it to influences their own work.

Progress is continually assessed throughout Year 7. Feedback is given for class and homework. Challenge tasks are available for pupils to work independently and we have various compertitions for pupils to get involved in.

Children are expected to bring basic drawing equipment to all lessons.