Art Department – Year 8

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Year 8 sees pupils building on the skills they learnt in Year 7 and developing new ones in Graphics, 3D wire construction and Textiles.

Project 1 explores Graphic Lettering; the role of a designer in creating packaging that appeals to customers and the visual elements such as proportions and use of colour within the designs.

Project 2 is called Minibeasts; pupils explore the wide world of insects such as beetles, their colours and shapes leading to creating their own wire scultptures.

Project 3 is a Textiles project exploring the potential of Felting and Silk painting around the theme of Landscapes.

Pupils are increasingly expected to find their own resources and inspiration to help them develop their class work further, enabling them to take ownership of their work and encourage independent learning.

Progress is continually assessed through the same methods as introduced in Year 7; class and homework tasks. Challenge tasks are available for pupils to work independently and we have various compertitions for pupils to get involved in.