Brilliant club info and weblinks

The scholars programme ‘brilliant club’ offers support to current teams-virtual university tours and online resources.

To all current year 9 and 10 members.The 2019-2020 programme is secure and you will still have the opportunity to complete the programme, as originally planned-when the time is right.

Well done for all that you have completed to date.

Year 11 this may be of interest to you also!

The Scholars Programme exists to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to progress to university.

They have prepared a set of resources that encompass the sessions that pupils would experience on their launch trips. This consists of:

I know that  you were disappointed to have missed your trip to Durham university. I have attached some virtual tours instead:

Follow these links to the campus tours of -The University of Nottingham, The University of Sheffield, and Christ Church, a ‘college’ of the University of Oxford.

University of Nottingham:

University of Sheffield:

Christ Church, University of Oxford:

Enjoy the tours!