Business & Enterprise

St Joseph’s is a Business and Enterprise Specialist school and as part of that remit has a responsibility to work with the community.

We work with a number of Primary schools within Workington offering their students the opportunity to experience Enterprise projects at St Joseph’s.

Staff from St Joseph’s lead a new project under the Cumbria Enterprise Partnership . This partnership involves collaborative work with other people from Industry, the Primary sector, Special schools and Post 16 providers. We have identified the priorities, which are to provide professional development opportunities around Enterprise Education for Primary Staff, Staff from Special schools/ Units and Post 16 staff. The first event will be free and held at Rheged on March 18th 2010.
For further information on this please telephone Sybil Worsley on 01900 873290 or look on the Enterprise Learning Website.

As well as providing a number of Adult learning opportunities at St Joseph’s School we provide tailor made courses during the day for Industry and Commerce and individuals who would like to access day time learning.

Industry and Commerce are involved with school and we invite people in to talk to students about careers, Judge Competitions etc during National Enterprise week and when we are running projects for students. Students have, over the years, worked with Business’s Charities in providing Website designs and other IT materials. This work has given students invaluable experience in the world of work.

Staff from St Joseph’s continue to develop partners from Industry and Commerce to keep their curriculum knowledge updated and to work in partnership.