Charities in School

St. Paul’s word for love is ‘charity’ and although love cannot be limited to the usual meaning of charity as it is now commonly used, nevertheless, at the heart of ‘fund raising’ & ‘raising of awareness’, there is this witness, as Jesus said: Love your neighbour as you love yourself’

St. Joseph’s has become renowned as a generous supporter of charity. This is due to the dedication of staff and pupils over many years. In 2007 and 2008 the school was the North of England Regional Winner of the ‘Giving Nation Award’ in recognition of ‘outstanding achievement in school-wide charitable and social action activities’, this is a great testament to the generosity of staff and pupils. The main school charity is CAFOD. We have CAFOD collecting boxes in each classroom and have fund raising activities all year around, but especially during Advent and Lent. The traditional non-uniform day at Christmas is for CAFOD. Other big recipients of fundraising in the past have been cancer charities, Weston Spirit, Allerdale Disabled Association, The British Legion and the West Cumbria Society for the Blind to name but a few.

We currently have a main charity committee run by pupils with help from myself. We encourage pupils to think critically about their charitable giving: investigating, for instance, how much of the money gets to where it is needed, the worthiness of the cause and any ethical considerations. Any member of the school community can ask the committee to consider supporting a particular cause and we always endeavour to react to an emergency.

As the new member of staff in charge of fund raising I would especially like to thank my predeccesor and all those who in the past have made charitable giving in this school what it is today. According to school records in the year 2006-07 £3446.44 was sent off to charitable causes, in 2007-08: £6457.90 and in 2008-09: £4908.59, this is a fantastic achievement. I would like to thank everyone, staff and pupils, for donating their ideas, time, energies and money. It is hoped that we will continue to have fun with our discos, bag-packing, walks and coffee mornings this year and beyond. If you have any charities that you feel deserve our support for this year then please let us know and thank you once again.

Mr Nurse