Computing – Department Policies

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The Department of Computing operates policies in line with those of St. Joseph’s whole-school policies.

Assessment & Feedback

A personalised Progress Report is available to pupils as a shortcut on their desktop when they log on to the school network. The Progress Report shows each pupil:

  • Their target grade
  • Their performance for current and past units (grades for classwork, homework and literacy)
  • Achievements and successes in each unit
  • Steps they need to take to improve their work


Achievement points are awarded for good effort/achievement/progress.
Postcards are sent home for consistently excellent effort and/or progress.

Supervised Lunchtime and After school facilities are available for pupils to complete homework and Controlled Assessment.

Key Stage 3
Homework is given every lesson and must be completed by the next lesson unless otherwise stated.
Homework is not required to take more than 60 minutes.
The teacher will indicate the medium that should be used and how it should be submitted. E-homework should be submitted via email or pendrive.
Paper-based submissions should be neatly presented, otherwise completed again for the following lesson.
Homework that is not attempted, incomplete or completed to a poor standard will precipitate teacher/parent communication.

Key Stage 4
Homework usually requires at least 60 minutes and is set weekly.
Controlled Assessment additional work must be completed under teacher supervision.

Communicating with Parents

For excellent/persistently high achievement/effort, postcards are sent to parents.
If a homework is missed or of poor quality, teacher/parent communication takes place, usually using the School Comms system to alert parents.
If there are more serious homework concerns, the Head of Department will contact parents.

Rewards and Sanctions

Achievement points are awarded to pupils for effort/behaviour/achievement.
For excellent/persistently high achievement/effort, postcards are sent to parents.
Sanctions are administered in line with whole-school policy.

Quality Assurance

Outcomes from the following Quality Assurance policies are recorded in the Computing Department Self Evaluation document and actioned as necessary to maintain and improve quality.

Lesson Observations
Formal observations take place twice per year, in line with whole-school policy.
Informal observations take place several times per term. Computing Department staff work closely with one-another to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning.

Work Scrutiny
Takes place post-trawl, as part of the process of identifying underperformance and exceptional performance.

Learning Walks
Formal Learning Walks take place every half term to ensure a high quality learning environment is maintained.