Computing – GCSE ICT

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What will students learn?

There are 4 strands:

Current and emerging technologies, computer systems and mobile technologies.

A range of ICT tools and techniques to provide ICT solutions to problems. Software packages include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher plus various graphics and web packages.

ICT in society.

Collaborative working.

How will students be assessed?

Summative Assessment

60% Controlled assessment

40% Terminal examination

Formative Assessment

Exam theory work is assessed internally as a written test at the end of every 3 topics, lasting no more than 50 minutes. Questions are mostly composed of past exam questions. End of topic tests will normally take place approximately once every half term, varying with the topic length.

How are students taught?

Pupils work both independently and collaboratively, often discussing ideas and producing solutions in group scenarios. Study is supported by textbooks and relevant websites.

What abilities, skills and interest will students need?

An excellent grounding in the software packages mentioned above, with which pupils should already be fully conversant from Key Stage 3 ICT lessons. To study ICT at Key stage 4 pupils will need to creatively apply ICT skills learnt in Key Stage 3. Pupils will make extensive use of the Key Skills:

Application of Number

Information Technology

Working with Others

Improving Own Learning Performance

Problem Solving

What could this course lead to?

ICT is a requirement for success in virtually any walk of modern life. GCSE ICT provides an excellent pathway to study A level ICT.


Exam boards require controlled assessment to be completed under teacher supervision. To this end, any homework set is research-based and focuses on topics that will be covered in forthcoming lessons, thus preparing pupils in advance of any classwork tasks set. See the Department of Computing Homework Policy for more details.

Supervised access to Computing resources is available at these times.

Full homework details (including hwk set/due dates) can be found in your Homework Diary.