Daily Message 16/03/2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your kind messages of support. Staff are working very hard to keep things as normal as possible in this very strange time. I visited most classes on Friday to let them know I am sending emails every day and will see the remaining classes today.

We do not have any diagnoses connected to staff and students families that I am aware of. But, we have about five families that have told us that they are isolating. The attendance on Friday was 88% which indicates that there may be others. If you are keeping students off for any reason, please let me know so that we can code the registers correctly.

We will support you in the difficult decisions you have to make for your family.

We have…

Cancelled all unnecessary visitors.
No supply teachers will be in school.
No assemblies will take place.
St Joseph’s Day Mass will not take place (probably for the first time in 90 years)
Asked staff to refresh the predicted grades for Year 11. We have not been asked for them, but it is important to have a fresh set for when they do. We will share these with you when they are in.
We will begin to put work in our websites for those students already at home and I will let you know how to find assignments in my email tomorrow.

Please can you ask student not to listen to gossip and rumour or believe everything on social media so that we can keep communication factual.

We had planned to finish early on Thursday as a treat for St Joseph’s Day, but I don’t think having 700 students wandering around town is a good idea so Thursday is a normal school day.

We are praying that all our families stay safe and well. Please contact me if there is anything we need to know or if we can support you.