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All schools are expected to be ‘outward facing’ and St Joseph’s is an excellent
example of what is meant by that expectation.

In areas where we are strong we share our expertise, and where we feel we
could benefit from external support, we will ask for it. This is true
partnership working and I am delighted that peer to peer collaboration is now a
natural part of how we work.

We are a strategic partner in the West Coast Teaching Alliance which was
established in March 2013.  So far this
led to excellent work with several local Secondary Schools with each of us
learning from each other. Most recently our English and Maths departments have
started to work with our local Primary schools focusing on how we can improve
‘transition’ to ensure that new pupils are challenged and supported from their
first day in their new school.

We are also working with the West Lakes Teaching Schools Alliance, particularly
around the training of new teachers. Mr Hughes, one of our Assistant Heads is
playing a key role in their recruitment and their subsequent training.

Most recently we have started to work with the recently formed Catholic
Teaching Alliance, which aims to recruit and train Catholic Primary and
Secondary School teachers to work in the Lancaster Diocese.