Extra Curricular Activities


Monday & Tuesday – After School – GCSE Art students (15:15hrs to 16:15hrs)
Thursday – Lunchtime – Art KS3 and GCSE Catch-up (12.05hrs to 12.50hrs)


CodeClub – Friday 13:00 – 13:30 – all year groups.


Year 11 revision taking place on Monday, Thursday and Friday lunch times.
This will continue from now until Easter. Check with teacher to find out which group you are in.


Choir – Monday 1:05 – 1:30 – all year groups.
Band/Ensemble – Tuesday 3:15 – 4pm. All Woodwind and Brass pupils who have been playing for at least one year. Also involves a Percussion and a Keyboard player.
Rock Band – Thursday 12:25 – 12:50 – Year 11 guitar plus a percussion player.

All activities take place in the Music Department.


Monday – Lunchtime (13:00hrs to 13:25hrs)

Year 9 Multi Sport Club (Astro Turf)

Ultim8 Club  (invite only – see PE Dept)

Monday – After School (15:15hrs to 16:15hrs)

KS4 Drop-in  (BE4)

Fitness  (Gym)

Year 9 Football (Astro Turf)

Tuesday – Before School (08:00hrs to 08:25hrs)

Fitness Suite   (all years welcome)

Tuesday – Lunchtime (13:00hrs to 13:25hrs)

Year 8 Multi Sport Club (Astro Turf)

Tuesday – After School (15:15hrs to 16:15hrs)

Years 7 and 8 Netball (Courts)

Years 7 and 8 Football (Astro Turf)

Wednesday – Lunchtime (13:00hrs to 13:25hrs)

Year 11 GCSE PE (BE4)

Year 11 GCSE PE (Room 7)

Wednesday – After School (15:15hrs to 16:15hrs)

Girl’s Hockey – All Years Welcome (Sports Hall)

Years 7, 8, 9 Rugby (Astro Turf)

St Patrick’s Primary School Link

Thursday – Before School (08:00hrs to 08:25hrs)

Fitness Suite  (all years welcome)

Thursday – Lunchtime (13:00hrs to 13:25hrs)

Year 7 Basketball  (Sports Hall)

Friday – Lunchtime (13:00hrs to 13:25hrs)

Year 10 and 11 Rugby (Astro Turf)

Friday – After School (15:15hrs to 16:15hrs)

Table Tennis – All Years Welcome (Main Hall)

Prince’s Trust XL

Tuesday (15:15hrs to 16:15hrs) & Thursday (14:25hrs to 15:30hrs) (BE4) [Limited Places]

Year 7 Scalextric Club

every Monday (15:30hrs to 14:30hrs)

Year 7 Social Club

Wednesday – Lunchtime (Banklands Hall) (12:45hrs to 13:35hrs)

Students can play games like UNO and Jenga; develop circus skills like juggling, diablo and plate spinning. They can also sit and chat with various staff and other children to develop their friendships and social skills.