Garden/Backyard Olympics

Basically, it is an idea from Active Cumbria for people to do their own Garden/Backyard Olympics by using the attached info which is all based on the successful Sports Hall Athletics which Schools do each year.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Vertical Jump Home Scale”]

Home Pentathlon

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Home Pentathlon”]

All I need children to do is to get an adult to video their family taking part in at least 1 of the activities then send their video to me at and the top 5 entries will get a day of free activity at one of our forthcoming sports camps. They will then be asked for consent to put the video on the site or on your social media and website. This is entirely optional of course.

The activities are a brilliant way of exercising in the home environment especially as families are asked to compete against each other and they will also provide great exercise.
The link for a visual demo on how to set up the activities is below so this would also need to go on any info sent out to Parents.

Explanation video:

The video below is for the demo on how to do the activities