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Homework is set once per week is set and should take approximately 30 mins. Students are given a weekly basic skills worksheet and are expected to show full method within their homework books.

Homework will be set by the teacher as per the ability of the class. There may be instances that some students in the same class will complete different homework.
Teachers do have the option to set homework in addition to the weekly basic skills worksheet.

These could include:
– consolidation and practice of topics worked on in lessons
– preparation and revision for topic tests / exams including past exam papers (see revision page)
– my maths task (click on the link to mymaths website below)
– research or ‘rich task’ to encourage independent mathematical thinking – an increasing part of the current GCSE specification…. better to start preparing early!

All homework is expected to be completed to the same high standard of classwork.

For students to succeed at GCSE they must be prepared to undertake some independent study – this can include simple things like re-reading class notes, re-doing exercises, or attempting exam questions. There are also numerous sites on line, including MyMaths, m4ths.com and BBC Bitesize that contain both revision and practice materials, and these can prove invaluable to students wishing to gain ‘the edge’

Students in year 9 – 11 are also expected to learn sections of the formula sheet appropriate to their tier of entry and exam technique based homework.

If you are struggling with your homework, then it is best to talk to your teacher … sooner rather than later…. we are here to help!