The Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre strives to meet the teaching and learning needs of St Joseph’s by providing a range of appropriate, up to date resources. Here students can do homework or read in a peaceful yet stimulating environment.

Opening Times

Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 5pm

Friday – 8:30 – 4pm

The LRC currently stocks over 4,500 non-fiction and fiction books. We subscribe to several magazines including Top Gear, Simpsons Comics and NG Kids.

We also have netbooks and computers with broadband internet access, a wide range of educational resources, and a printer.

Throughout the year the LRC holds extra-curricular activities/clubs which aim to enhance creativity, improve reading and writing skills, support the delivery of Business and Enterprise and promote the LRC as a centre of learning:

  • Student Librarian Training Scheme –This provides students with realistic training in the running of a school learning resource centre.
  • The LRC runs ‘Spellbinding Club’ from January to June. Spellbinding is an annual schools book award. Secondary school pupils throughout the county select ten books that have been published in the last year for students to read and discuss. Ultimately students vote for their favourite book which is then announced at the Spellbinding Awards Ceremony. Two pupils who have attended Spellbinding each week and who have shown a deep interest in the books are selected to attend the ceremony.
  • Regular Young Writers Competitions – The LRC promotes different competitions giving students the opportunity to showcase their writing skills and see their own work in print.
  • Scholastic Book Club – a magazine issued throughout the year enabling students to purchase their own books.
  • Paired Reading – helps struggling readers to feel confident with their reading and writing skills.