Maths in Careers (NW) – Evening Enrichment

We have signed up for the enrichment session “Maths in Careers (NW) – Evening Enrichment  on Monday 14th and Wednesday the 16th  June at 7-8pm ( see your emails for a link)

I am delighted to confirm that the speakers for the two events are:

Maths in Careers (NW) – Session 1:  Monday 14th June 7-8pm.   

Marina Gardasevic 

Marina is a Neuroscience PhD student at the University of Manchester.  She looks at the contribution of each ocular photoreceptor to responses to light.  In other words…the effects of light on our brains!  In addition to her research Marina is a Presidential Doctoral Scholar (PDS) and a STEM Ambassador.

Finn Box 

Finn is a Dr of the physics of fluids and soft matter.  He plays with bubbles, drops, squishy stuff and bendy beams!  Often he gets to use a high-speed video camera to film the things that happen in the blink of an eye.  He often gets wet and is currently trying to develop a liquid antenna.

Rachel Beattie 

Rachel is a Mathematician and the co-founder of sustainable and inclusive womenswear brand, Careaux with her sister, Laura. From an idea when she was fourteen combining her love of fashion and Maths she has created a world-first dress which changes to fit each and every woman. Rachel is also a Prince’s Trust, Women of the Future and STEM Ambassador, and is passionate about championing innovation, sustainability, inclusivity and diversity in STEM and in the fashion industry.



Maths in Careers (NW)  – Session 2:  Wednesday 16th June 7-8pm.

Rob Nicolaides 

Rob is a Mathematics PhD student at the University of Manchester.  He studies the structure of highly-symmetrical shapes that live in a strange, abstract versions of our ordinary space.  Rob also leads seminars and tutorials for undergraduate mathematicians and problem solving sessions for A Level students from all over England.

Amy Hassett  

Amy is a Project Manager working within the Engineering Department for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Site.  Her job involves specking, buying, testing and installing new equipment to automate the manufacture and packaging of drugs.  Day to day, this involves a lot of problem solving, good planning, adaptability to new challenges…and a lot of phone calls!

Matthew Birch

Matthew is a European and UK parent attorney in the Engineering and Tech group at Carpmaels & Ransford LLP.  He drafts, prosecutes, defends and enforces patents on behalf of his clients and advises on Intellectual Property generally, with a particular interest in medical devices.  You can find out more about Matthew and his work here:


Jennifer Gatley

Director of Maths