Maths – Key Stage 3

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The two-year course follows the National Curriculum and covers a range of mathematical skills including ‘Using and Applying mathematics’ and the four main areas of the curriculum are,
•Shape & Space
•Data Handling

Students will also learn and use many aspects of the Business & Enterprise capabilities, including problem solving, risk taking and financial literacy.

The maths department use target GCSE grades to measure progress in year 7 and 8. We assess pupils after each unit of work appropriate to their ability. Pupils are given feedback and a percentage score, which the teachers can then use to track progress throughout year 7 and 8.

We aim to use a variety of teaching styles to ensure students both understand and enjoy mathematics.
ICT is a crucial part of mathematics and wherever appropriate we use technology to further students understanding.

Year 7 – It is a pleasure to welcome all Year 7’s to the Maths department. Every year the standard seems to get higher and higher… so you are keeping us on our toes!

We aim to continue to build on the very successful strategies used at primary schools and as such our maths lessons try to include as many interactive, hands on, group work and independent thinking skills as possible.

Year 7 and 8 pupils have 4 maths lessons and one piece of homework set per week.

Please click on the appropriate scheme of work for full list of all work covered:

KS3 scheme of work

Year 7
Set 1 Core and Enrichment
Set 2 Supplementary, Core and aspects of Enrichment
Set 3 Supplementary and Core

Year 8
Set 1/2 Core and Enrichment
Set 3 Supplementary, Core and aspects of Enrichment
Set 4 Supplementary and Core

Assessment dates
Assessments are carried out at the end of each unit of work.
Attendance is crucial for all pupils all the time in order for them to be covering all the curriculum to prepare for any assessments.

All classes, in years 7 & 8 will complete assessments in maths lesson time during the day stated:

Year 7

Year 8

Unit 1 – 17th October Unit 1 – 13th October
Unit 2 – 30th November Unit 2 – 24th November
Unit 3 – 10th January Unit 3 – 15th December
Unit 4 – 1st March Unit 4 – 9th February
Unit 5 – 22nd March Unit 5 – 9th March
Unit 6 – 7th June Unit 6 – 27th April
End of Year test (Date to be confirmed) Unit 7 – 25th May
  End of year test (Date to confirmed)