Model Code of Practice for Governors

Model Code of Practice for Governors

The Governing Body recognises that it has a statutory duty to promote high standards by:

• setting a strategic direction for the school
• acting as a critical friend
• being accountable for the school’s performance

In Canon Law the Governing Body must also ensure that the school is conducted according to its Instrument of Government, giving witness to Christian beliefs and values.
In fulfilling these responsibilities the Governing Body will at all times work with the Headteacher and the staff of the school who are responsible for its daily management and operation.
As Governors we seek to:

1. Support the school in providing the best possible education for pupils.
2. Give an account of the school to all who have an interest in it; that is, Diocesan Trustees, LEA, parents, parishes and all members of the school community.
3. Act in accordance with the requirements of education law and the school’s Instrument of Government.
4. Ensure that the school’s distinctive Catholic character is evident in all aspects of its work.
5. Represent the school’s interest within the Community.

We also recognise that we work according to the principles set out below:

1. All governors have equal status.
2. The Governing Body is a corporate body with collective responsibility.
3. Governors represent the interests of the school community as a whole, not of any specific group within the community.
4. Over and above this, Foundation Governors also represent the interests of the Ordinary of the Diocese and his intentions for Catholic schools in the diocese.
5. The Governing Body has overall responsibility for the effectiveness of the school and will determine, monitor and evaluate the broad policies, plans and procedures that apply in the school.
6. The Headteacher is responsible for the implementation of agreed policies and the delivery of the curriculum.
7. The Governing Body may delegate responsibility to individual governors, to committees and to the Headteacher.
8. We will learn about the work of the school and will participate where possible in its activities.
9. Visits to schools by governors will take place within our agreed framework.

In our work as governors we aspire to the following standards:
1. Governors will be open and fair and should be seen to be so.
2. Governors will work as a team using the skills, experience and gifts of individual governors to the best effect.
3. We will encourage honest and open expression of views at meetings.
4. We will accept all decisions made by the Governing Body and will be loyal to them.
5. Discussion leading up to decisions will be confidential to the meeting.
6. When the Governing Body determines that agenda items are confidential, we will ensure that full confidentiality is maintained, including items deemed to be confidential by a committee.
7. Governors cannot speak on behalf of the Governing Body unless this authority is delegated to them by the full Governing Body.
8. The Governing Body will at all times act as a good employer.
9. We will ensure that there are clear procedures through which concerns can be addressed.
We will monitor the effectiveness of the Governing Body and its work as a corporate body.