Monday 6th June: The Pilgrim Statue

The Sign of the Cross

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Pilgrim Statue


This week we welcome to our school a special statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that has been sent to us by the Bishop of our diocese, Bishop Michael. It’s called the Year of Mercy Pilgrim Statue.

It is called a ‘pilgrim statue’ because, like a pilgrim, it is travelling as an act of religious devotion. In this case it is going to visit every school in our town and every school in our diocese of Lancaster.

Pope Francis has asked all Catholics throughout the world to have a special celebration to think about how much Jesus loves us, how much we need His forgiveness and to pray for His mercy – the loving forgiveness of our sins.

This statue of the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” represents this loving forgiveness of God.

When you have a chance, go into St Joseph’s Room to look more closely at the statue. You’ll see that Jesus’ hand is pointing to His heart and you’ll see golden rays radiating from this area of His heart. These golden rays represent the beauty and power of love at the heart of Christianity — that Jesus loves each one of us with his whole heart and He wants each one of us to experience His love and kindness in our lives.

Where in your life do you need the forgiveness of God? Spend a moment in quiet asking God to show you where you need forgiveness, and then, in your heart, ask Him to forgive you.


Jesus, you came down from heaven to show us the loving kindness of God. May this statue of your Sacred Heart,help us trust that You wait for us
wanting us to experience your mercy and forgiveness.

Help us love others as you love us.