Opportunities in school to read more widely. Reading programmes.

 Guidance on how to access our SJCHS Classics and ‘Read up’ programme:


SJCHS Classics :

Students select a SJCHS classic book and when they have completed it they contact Mrs Wylie in the library to complete one of the many quizzes that have been designed by our school staff. A certificate and prize is given for the amount of quizzes you complete.

Students will find blurbs to all of the classics in the book descriptions in the Accessit catalogue. Reading lists on Accessit are referred to as Quick Lists. 

The ebook library is available for use and downloads.


Read up programme:

Year 10 and 11 selected students are involved in a read up  programme.

This programme is designed to challenge and stimulate our students to read more widely and independently.

They select a book from 6 different genre categories to show their ability to read breadth of reading materials.

After completing each book they have a post reading activity to complete as well as weekly reflections on their chosen genre. Prizes are given to those who are reading more widely and for the pace of completion.

  • Contemporary writers
  • Different cultures
  • English literary Heritage
  • Non Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Shakespeare

The ebook library is available for use and downloads. All read up categories are listed in the quick list section of the Accessit catalogue also.

Well done to all students who are currently working on their reading skills and enhancing their enjoyment online.

I look forward to your submissions.