What is The Way?

What is The Way?

The Way is a 5 year spiritual and moral journey for the students and staff of St Joseph’s Catholic High School.

Why is it called The Way?

Before they were called Christians, ‘followers of The Way’ is how the early Church referred to themselves and their life in Christ. Jesus referred to Himself as “The Way, the Truth and the Life”. It also speaks to the idea of journey, direction and moving forward.

How does The Way work?

The Way provides a ‘map and compass’ for the spiritual life journey of St Joseph’s School, so the whole school knows where we are and where we are going.

Simply, it provides all the themes, scriptures and resources needed for daily acts of worship and assemblies within a school year, but with a sense of journey stages through the years. Each year group has a different theme for the year which progress and deepen as they progress through school.

The resources provided are built on the four pillars of authentic Catholic teaching as defined in the four parts of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: The Profession of Faith, Sacraments, The Moral Life and Prayer.

How can I find out more about The Way resource?

To find out more about The Way, or if you are interested in using it in your school, please email Daniel Harris: dha@sjchs.uk