Student Device Programme

St Joseph’s Student Devices Programme is now open.

All parents should have received an email on how this will work in school.

We had planned to introduce this scheme later in the year, but we feel that there is an urgency and we should begin now. It is not compulsory but students will benefit from having their own devices in school and at home.

Below is a quick summary:

  • We want to provide each and every student at St Joseph’s with their own personalised laptop to support learning within school and at home, providing access to learning whenever and, more importantly, wherever they want; breaking down the walls of the classroom.
  • These laptops will not replace classroom teaching or traditional exercise books but will enable users to access learning platforms in lessons and at home.
  • Teachers will begin to use these devices in lessons as the number of students equipped grows and students will also be able to use them for homework.
  • Students will be also able to access Classcharts, achievement points, behaviour points, homework and emails during their tutor time.

Please contact the school for more details.