Our Equipment List for September 2020

Students  will be given their timetables and the new times of the day on Day 1.


  • Face mask
  • Bag
  • Pencil case
  • Blue or black pens
  • Green pen for corrections
  • Rubber
  • Ruler- either size.
  • A 2B pencil
  • Colouring pencils.
  • A highlighter, any colour.
  • Apron and hat for cooking in Years 7 and 8 (and 9, 10 and 11, if taking this subject.)
  • PE kit: SJCHS PE top, SJCHS PE shorts or skort and trainers. On PE days, students can wear PE uniform all day but black or navy joggers must be worn over shorts/skort and you must still wear your BLAZER.
  • PE kit is not required on Wednesday 2 September or Thursday 3 September.

In addition,

  • A glue stick is always useful.

Lockers etc: We are suspending the use of lockers for the first half term, except for students who access Learning Support. This is until we get our one-way system up and running. Teachers will avoid books going home so bags are as light as possible. Mobile phones are confiscated if seen, so must remain in bags, switched off. Staff will support students every lesson with the one-way system. Homework will be set both on Teams and on Classcharts. All logins will be supplied at the beginning of the year.

Students can take their bags into the canteen whilst lockers are suspended.

We can support families with equipment on request.

Breakfast Club

We are now taking bookings for Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club opens at 8.15 in the canteen each day, from Wednesday 3rd September for pre booked students.

Our site opens at 8.00am. Students can arrive from then but not access the building.  The bell goes at 8.47am. Staff supervision on yards begins at  8.30, although in the first week, staff will be very early to ensure students know where to go.

Please note that Breakfast Club is a mixed year group provision, but year groups will be on different tables.

Our maximum number is 60.

Parents can book for all week or just certain days. It is free. We ask that students purchase something from the selection on offer.  Payment for Year 7’s items will be taken off once their accounts are active.

Breakfast Club students must stay in the canteen until 8.30 when they are free to join their friends on the yard or they can stay in the canteen until the 8.47 bell.

To book a place, please give name and year group and day to Mrs Hilland on Lesley.Hilland@sjchs.uk. We will confirm your place via email.

Breakfast Club will operate from Wednesday 3rd September. To make it easier for our new students, on the first day, students will access the Breakfast Club from Reception.

Lunch Arrangements

Lunch Arrangements

We have two lunch times: 11.45 for Years 7 and 8, 12.30 for Years 9,10 and 11. When Year 7 and 8 have lunch, the other year groups have Period 4, and then this reverses.

One Year group will be in the canteen at a time. The others will be on their yards, and called in when the canteen has emptied.

Bags are now allowed in the canteen.

The whole year group will go in together. Packed lunch students can take their seats as they go in.

Lunchtime One: Year 7 will go first, followed by Year 8 for the first half term.

Lunchtime Two: Year 11 will go first, followed by 10 and then 9 for the first half term. This will change in October.

Students will pay for their lunch by saying their name to the ladies on the till and the account will be charged.  We will not use the usual finger print system for the foreseeable.

Our system  has photos of students for verification. (Year 7 photos will be taken as soon as we can). A member of staff will supervise the queues to ensure students know what to do and to verify names.

Year 7 will take longer than other years, as they take time to  get used to the choices available and the payment systems. We will allow for this, and help them as much as we can. 

Parents can load money on to accounts using Parentpay. As this is not always possible for every household, we do have machines in school which can be used. Hand sanitiser is provided next to the machines. Students will have access to these machines during their lunch break.

We will show Year 7 how to use the machines on Day One.

We will take finger prints from Year 7 on Day One, even though we are not using this system. If we do return to finger prints, we will be prepared.

Students on FSM have their accounts credited each day.

Students who wish to bring packed lunch will go into the canteen with their year group. The year group will all move to the canteen together and then go to their yard using the one way system. There is plenty seating available in the canteen for students and they can choose where to sit and who to sit with.

We ask that students take back their trays and put their rubbish in the bin before leaving.

Staff are on hand to show students how to queue and how to move through the choices. 

There are always hot and cold choices available.

We may review these systems in the first few days to ensure everyone’s safety and to ensure all students have time to eat their lunch.Students can eat between lessons and we advise all students bring water to school.

Years 7, and 8 will be asked to line up on the yard on the bell at the end of their lunch.

Year 9 will be in the canteen at the end of lunch and will be dismissed from there.

Years 10 and 11 will move themselves on the bell.

The next bulletins will be about equipment and breakfast and homework club.

There are other arrangements in place for a wet lunch using the hall and the canopied yards. Students will be informed about these arrangements in September.

Introduction from our new Year 7 Form Tutors

A message from Mr Yeomans, Year 7 form tutor of St Patrick:

A message from Miss Quint, Year 7 form tutor of St Padre Pio:

A message from Mr Taylor, Year 7 form tutor of St Francis:

A message from Mr Jackson, Year 7 form tutor of St Bernadette:

A message from Mr Gabaguga, Year 7 tutor of St Mother Teresa:

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