World Poetry Day 2021

World Poetry Day 2021

Thank you to all the members of our St. Joseph’s family who volunteered to share their favourite poems with the children. We’ve got a varied collection – Mario Yeoman’s rendition of Chaucer’s ‘The General Prologue’ in Middle English, Ange O’Donnell’s beautiful ‘Sea Fever,’ Graeme Simpson’s absolute classic ‘If,’ Gemma Ward’s ‘Atlas’ and last but not least, MiHwa Kim reading a Korean poem, ‘Flowers.’

Spuds U Like

Spuds U Like is the next food challenge.  Create a dish using potatoes.  Challenge yourself to create a new dish or just create one of your family favourites. Parents and Carers can join in to create the dish too if you like.  If you are a food tech student you will find full details in your Teams area, but if not, you can find the challenge in the year group Team, including recipe ideas and links.  I look forward to seeing all of your creations!


St. Joseph’s Parent Book Club

Dear Parents,

You are invited to take part in an exciting journey into reading and join our St. Joseph’s Parent Book Club.

Each half-term we will read an exciting book, drawn from a range of genres and written by acclaimed authors both past and present. Some of the books we choose may be ones that your son/ daughter will be reading in school.

The book we have selected for Spring half-term is George Orwell’s classic, ‘1984.’ Copies of the novel are available to borrow from school.

Due to current Covid restrictions, we will meet virtually to discuss the books at the end of each half-term. In the meantime, we encourage you to email in your thoughts and comments on the novel so that we can share them on our social media platforms.

If you would like to join the Parent Book Club, please contact Mrs Sheckley (English Department).


SJCHS Classic Book Reviews

As promised we are continuing with our SJCHS classic book reviews!

Mrs Ward has shared her love of the classic novel ‘Of mice and men’ this week.

Here are our 24 chosen ‘classic novels.’ Books our students are encouraged to take the opportunity to read:

Overview for students:

*Each book has a quiz attached. Staff have created these quizzes and should be completed once the book has been read.

* Rewards are given for good completion of the quiz.

Students  are now encouraged to access the ebook library catalogue online.  The classics can be found here.

Please see Mrs Wylie once you have read the classic book. A quiz can be emailed to you.

I would love to hear what you are reading. Email me to let me know which novel you have chosen and why?!

Mrs Miller

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