Religious Education

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Pupils’ progress is regularly monitored and assessed by the class teacher. There is ongoing formative assessment that happens every lesson. However, this section will give you an outline of summative assessments for all Year groups. The results from these assessments are important as they are usually (but not solely) used for set moves and official reports. They are closely linked to the curriculum that students follow.

There are:
⇒   Seen Assessments – students will get the questions and modular answers in advance
⇒   Literacy Assessments – students have Literacy Booklets with RE Specific Vocabulary that they have to learn. They are then tested on this vocabulary.
⇒   Mock Papers – these are unseen papers (Used in Year 10 and 11 only)

• Year 7

o 3 Seen Knowledge Assessments
o 3 Literacy Assessments

• Year 8

o 3 Seen Knowledge Assessments
o 3 Literacy Assessments

• Year 9

o Seen Unit 3A-1 (Philosophy)
o Seen Unit 3A-2 (Philosophy)
o Seen Unit 2F-1 (Judaism)
o 3 Literacy Assessments

• Year 10

o Seen Unit 2F-2 (Judaism)
o Mock Papers on Philosophy and Judaism
o Seen Unit 1A-1 (Catholic Christianity)
o Seen Unit 1A-2 (Catholic Christianity)
o Seen Unit 1A-3 (Catholic Christianity)
o 4 Literacy Assessments

• Year 11

o Seen Unit 1A-4 (Catholic Christianity)
o Mock Paper on Catholic Christianity
o Final Revision Assessments

Additional Information:

⇒Each student has a Progress File that shows clearly what children study (the curriculum), how many assessments they complete during the academic year and what results they scored.

⇒RE Teachers will also mark one piece of work in each exercise book per half term and children will have to act on the recommendations until the required standard of work was met. A special Marking and Feedback Form is used. This does not apply to Year 11 students during their Final Revision Time (Usually December to June). Year 11 teachers will mark short Final Revision assessments instead.