Religious Education

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Year 7 and Year 8 students follow selected topics from the Religion for Living Junior Certificate Program which is used by Catholic Schools in Ireland. The program carries the Imprimatur of Cardinal Connell and is published with Ecclesiastical permission.

Year 9, 10 and 11 students follow Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies A, which consists of three papers:

•   Paper 1A (Catholic Christianity, 50% of the final mark)
•   Paper 2F (Judaism, 25% of the final mark)
•   Paper 3A (Philosophy and Ethics base on Catholic Christianity, 25% of the final mark).

Year 7 Curriculum
The underlining thought for Year 7 students is ‘faith’ and the opportunity to meet Christ who is the one who gives meaning to our lives and is the source of all happiness.

• Autumn Term topics:

o   The Search for Meaning, Sources of Meaning, The World Religions as the Sources of Meaning; God (The Holy Trinity) as the Source of Meaning and the Holy Scripture.
o   Faith as a response to God: Stages of faith, Prayer as a Sign of Faith, Collective Worship as a Sign of Faith and sacraments.

• Spring Term Topics:

o   The Liturgical Year as a Sign of Faith (Advent, Christmas and Lent)
o   The Liturgical Year as a Sign of Faith (The Holy Week and Triduum)

Summer Term Topics:

o   The Liturgical Year as a sign of Faith (Easter, Ascension and Pentecost)
o   Places of Worship and Pilgrimage as a Sign of Faith
o   Moral Life as a Sign of Faith

Year 8 Curriculum
The underlining thought for Year 8 students is the ‘History of Salvation’.

Autumn Term Topics:

o   Prehistory: Creation, the Original Sin and the promise of the Messiah
o   Judaism: Location, Culture and Patriarchs
o   Judaism: Moses and the Torah
o   Judaism: Beliefs, practice, worship and festivals

Spring Term Topics:

o   Judaism at the Time of Jesus (Holy Land, Roman Empire, Life in Palestine, the Expectations for the Messiah)
o   Jesus – the expected Messiah and the Saviour, the Beginning of the New Testament, Gospels and History Documents, teachings of Jesus (Parables)

Summer Term Topics:

o   Miracles and Jesus’ first disciples
o   The Church and salvation, the Magisterium, Councils, Religious Orders and Clergy
o   The Mission of the Church: Evangelism and the Social Teachings of the Church
o   The Church and other religions: Islam

Year 9, Year 10 and Y11 Curriculum
Pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 study Edexcel (9-1) GCSE Religious Studies A course. They will take the following exam papers:

Paper 1A: Catholic Christianity (1h 45mins / 50%):

o   Chapter 1: Beliefs and Teachings
o   Chapter 2: Practices
o   Chapter 3: Sources of Wisdom and Authority
o   Chapter 4: Forms of Expression and Ways of Life

Paper 2F: Judaism (50mins / 25%)

o   Chapter 1: Beliefs and Teachings
o   Chapter 2: Practices

Paper 3A: Philosophy and Ethics within Catholic Christianity (50mins / 25%)

o   Chapter 1: Arguments for the existence of God.
o   Chapter 2: Religious Teachings on Relationships and Families in the 21st Century