The Way of the Week

As we journey along The Way this week we will be learning and praying about:

Year 7: The Final Creation – Creation of Humanity
This week Year 7 will explore the unique aspects of the creation of humanity: we are created in the image and likeness of God, we are both body and soul, and God created men and women as equals and complementary.

Year 8: Be Rooted – The Fourth Commandment
The fourth commandment, which calls us to honour our father and mother as well as to honour and respect all those who have been given authority, also calls us to be rooted in our families and our communities.

Years 9 – 11: Passing the Baton – Sacrament of Holy Orders
Ordained priests is the Church’s way of keeping the unbroken line of apostolic succession going from Jesus to today’s clergy. This week we will understand how that ‘baton of faith’ is passed on.