Virtual university tours, study skills packs, revision guides.



Critical Thinking Session Video session from The Brilliant Club to support pupils to develop critical thinking skills to set them up for success on the programme Video Online
Study Skills Worksheet Supporting handout with key take-aways Link to file


What is University? Video session on why someone might choose to go to university and how they choose between different institutions. VIDEO ONLINE
University Study Video session on what university study is like, what a “typical week” looks like for a university student and what study abroad/year in industry means. VIDEO ONLINE
Life at University Video session on university accommodation, lifestyle, sports and societies, as well as part-time work. VIDEO ONLINE
IAG Workbook Accompanying workbook to support the three sessions Link to file
Resource Bank Sessions by our university partners covering: Personal statement writing; Campus Tour videos; Showing subject passion, among others Link to file
Path to University A one-page guide that your students may find useful following the Scholars Programme Link to file