Year 10 walk Maryport to Allonby

A group of our year 10 pupils walked from Maryport to Allonby yesterday, this was one of the many walks taking place during activity day. The pupils were blessed with glorious sunshine which helped bring smiles to many of their faces (the sun along with the masses of milkshakes and ice creams they consumed).

As part of the walk the pupils were welcomed onto the Blue Dial Farm at Allonby where Joe the farmer explained to the pupils and staff about the new robotic system they have in place to milk the cows at the cows own convenience. The pupils were also shown the Biogas plant which is used to produce electricity for the farm and were allowed to drink fresh water which is retrieved from 80feet below the ground. The pupils then visited Clare in the Moody Cow Café where they could sample the fresh cows milk and buy other snacks.

The pupils were a credit to the school and a fabulous day was had by all.